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Education Training

Training Policy: Improving process capability, strengthen management physique, implement quality policies, and provide the best products to win the customer trusts.
Based on this training policy, to draw up relevant education and training categories as follows

training categories
Manufacturing and manufacturing process training: Implementing the popularization of education and training, improving the skills of production workers
Quality-related courses: Improving professional skills and maintain product quality
Green Environmental Policy Related Courses: Implementing Green Environmental Policy, Improve Technology Development Ability, Create High Quality Products
Occupational health related education and training: Implementing environmental protection and the safety of factory personnel, avoiding environmental pollution and occupational disasters
Management Courses: Enhancing Supervisory Management Capabilities and Increasing Industrial Competitiveness
5S:Through the 5S education and training of sorting out, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and cultivating, and gradually improving the management level
TOEIC Course Arrangement: Enhancing Language Skills and Improving Companies' Expansion into the International Market