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Welfare system

Employee welfare

Introduction, Transfer, Retain Bonus

Holiday bonus or gift (Depends on welfare yearly planning)

Birthday cash gift

Year-end banquet prize drawing

Free meals during work hours, staff uniforms/
work shoes/clean clothes

Employees' and family dependents scholarship grants

Production, hospitalization, emergency aid, wedding and funeral celebration subsidies

Annual Domestic/Foreign Travel Subsidy
(Depending on the annual employment status according to the company's operating status)

One Day、Three-day Trip held in every year

Welfare committee special offer

Departmental dining allowance

irregular recreational activities
(eye-loving lectures, stress relief lectures, essential oil production)

Staff parking, leisure sports facilities

Community activities
(Loss Club, Mountaineering Club, Historic Monuments Agency, aerobic club)



Dividends for employees

Year-end bonus

Multi-functional bonus, production performance bonus

Environmental benefits

Proposal to improve bonus system

Model Labor Elections

Staff protection

Complete education and training system

Labor insurance

National Health Insurance

Implementation Rules of the Labor Pension Act

Free group insurance

Perfect labor retirement system
According to the Labor Standards Law and the Labor Pension Regulations, there are separate employees' retirement methods for determining the benefits and determining the allocation. The former monthly pays the pension fund according to the total salary of 3.5% of the employee, and transfers it to the special account of the Bank of Taiwan under the name of the Labour Pension Supervisory Committee. The latter pays the monthly pension to the Labor Insurance Bureau at the rate of 6% of the total salary of the employee Special account。